After a commission to photograph an ultra-marathon through the Saharan desert, I received an email from the race organizers asking if I'd be interested in joining them on their next event to "the last desert" ... we got on the phone and it quickly became clear they were asking if I'd like for one of my dreams to come true. I didn't hesitate.

I caught a series of flights to Ushuaia, Argentina, and boarded an ice breaker with a few dozen serious athletes (and adrenaline junkies) and we set sail across a most unpleasant body of water, the Drake Passage. The crossing was pure misery, but 72 hours later towering mountains of ice rose from the sea and it all seemed ok again. The environment on this planet is in dire straits, but to the untrained eye in Antarctica, the natural world seemed to be alive and very well. Simply the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

As for how they ran 250km on a bunch of blocks of ice, you can check out their site -